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With dedicated IT experts, no job is too complicated for us to handle


Our repair services are as follows but is not limited to:


🗸 PC Towers
🗸 Laptops
🗸 Tablets
🗸 Game Consoles
🗸 Mac Books
🗸 iMacs
🗸 iPads


🗸 Graphics Cards
🗸 Memory RAM
🗸 Hard Drives & SSDs
🗸 Processors
🗸 Cooling
🗸 Power Supplies
🗸 Motherboards
🗸 Aesthetics 
🗸 Laser Etching


🗸 Virus
🗸 Malware
🗸 Spyware
🗸 Ransomware
🗸 General Security
🗸 OS Fuctionality
🗸 Registry Errors
🗸 Blue Screen Errors
🗸 Disc Errors
🗸 Data Recovery

Here, at Silver Knight PCs, our services go above and beyond the norm with a dynamic list of services offered to out clients that encompasses everything our clients may need. Our repair services are the pride and joy of our business right behind our main service that is building, rebuilding and designing your perfect custom built PC.

If you are not located near Fayetteville, North Carolina, kindly fill out our repair request form.


PC Repair Services | Silver Knight Pc's | Fayetteville, North Carolina | From Bare Bones to Beast | Building Custom Computer Since 2010 | Veteran Owned & Operated



With dedicated IT experts, no job is too complicated for us to handle


We can rebuild your PC to its former glory or make it even better than before!

Building and rebuilding is what we do here at Silver Knight PCs and nothing is more exciting than overhauling your machine.

Silver Knight PCs can rebuild, overhaul, replace and upgrade parts, customize your build with RGB, make it cooler, make it quieter, make it unique and a whole lot more with our extensive list of customization services that include everything from wrapping the whole build to customizing it with laser precision... literally! We can literally laser etch whatever you'd like on your case and even coming up with a theme for your PC and implementing your personal touch.

The process? The process is simple! Click on the button below, fill out our form with everything you'd like done to your existing PC and we will do the rest! We will go over all the details, quote you and guide you on how to get your build to us so we can get to work! You'll receive an email asking you to verify your email and asking for a tracking number that can be submitted after the quote is sent out to you.

PC Refurbishing Services | Silver Knight Pc's | Fayetteville, North Carolina | From Bare Bones to Beast | Building Custom Computer Since 2010



Upgrade, Downgrade, Get the parts you need and get back to doing what you love.


Trade In, Trade Out, Upgrade or Sell to us! We are a fair trade company!

Here at Silver Knight PCs, we believe there always value in your build and we embrace that value while assisting you in getting what you need and getting a bang out of your buck spent. 

Our trade-in program works for both you and us in many ways. You get that desired PC part while seeing your primary investment into your PC working for you.

We get it, not everyone can afford to buy new parts as soon as they'd like to get their hands on it but we do have value in what we already own, so Silver Knight PCs assists you by either buying your previous generation parts for a competitive price after appraising its value  or allow you to trade in your current part to be able to afford an upgrade or a downgrade from the part you already own to a Silver Knight PCs certified PC part.

Whether you'd like to upgrade or downgrade your graphics card, motherboard, processor, we can assist you with that or if you would like to trade in your whole pc and purchase a new system from us, we can help you with that too.

Our Component Buyback Program lets you trade in your old parts to help pay for upgrades. You can do this either in-store or via our mail-in service. Said upgrades do not void any previous warranty on a build from Silver Knight PCs, and the new component carries its own warranty, outlined in our warranty program. This program exists to facilitate our customer community by allowing you to upgrade to new components without paying the full retail price, as well as provide a source of good quality used components that through testing and refurbishment can help customers save money on getting good quality used parts.

There are two methods for trade-ins towards upgrades:

The first is buying the new component up-front, receiving it and sending back the old component for appraisal and the value of the old component will be refunded to you at in-store credit rate. This is ideal for users that live outside of reasonable travel range from Silver Knight PCs and wish to not have any downtime.

The second is sending the old component in first for appraisal and then paying the difference between the old component and the new upgraded component. This is ideal for users that do not want to spend the full amount up front and only want to pay the difference between the old part and the new. Usual turnaround is one week, conditional on shipping being timely and prior notice given to Silver Knight PCs from the customer.

Alternatively, parts can be traded in for store credit or cash. All appraisals are done in store and are subjected to an 18-hour stress test to verify function. Silver Knight PCs and its affiliates are in no way, shape or form responsible for any hardware failure during a function stress test. After the test is conducted to verify functionality, parts will be appraised at used market value using sources such as, but not limited to: Amazon, Newegg, eBay, and direct pricing from manufacturers.

Our rates vary based on desirability and method of payment:

For in-store credit towards parts or upgrades, 65%-75% of used market value dependent on how desirable the component(s) is/are. In-store credit is valid for 2 years from date of issue.
For cash, 55%-65% of used market value dependent on how desirable the component(s) is/are
If the appraised price is not agreeable by the customer, the customer is responsible for paying return shipping. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. Additionally, we do not give over the phone appraisals, but can give you estimates that are not guaranteed, but can put you in the ballpark of the value.

You may bring in or ship the parts that you want to trade. If a mail-in appraisal is to be conducted, this form must be included, filled out, and signed by the customer:

PC Trade In Program | Silver Knight Pc's | Fayetteville, North Carolina | From Bare Bones to Beast | Building Custom Computer Since 2010



We guarantee our products and we are proud of our remote servicing professionals that take care of every job.


We can service your Silver Knight PC bought system with a few clicks!

Silver Knight PCs believes in our products and whether you are near or far, we guarantee our computers and its functionality. Silver Knight PCs is here to reinforce your trust with remote servicing for all our Silver Knight PCs products. If we sold it to you, you can depend on us to service our systems and parts.

Remote Servicing by Silver Knight PCs allows logging into your system remotely with your permission, live with you on the line to service, troubleshoot or repair any issues you may come across while operating your system.

We log in, locate your issue, fix said issue along with you and log out without leaving any type of unpermitted access to your system. Security and safety is always our number one concern when it comes to our clients, their privacy and their security.

If you would like to arrange a remote servicing for a Silver Knight PC sold computer or part, please contact us using our contact page or click on the button below to be redirected to our contact form.

You can always call for more pressing concerns by dialing (910) 500-0015 during business hours for immediate support.

PC Remote Servicing Service | Silver Knight Pc's | Fayetteville, North Carolina | From Bare Bones to Beast | Building Custom Computer Since 2010

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