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Iceberg Thermal FuzeIce Plus 3.5G

Iceberg Thermal FuzeIce Plus 3.5G

SKU: 850017189713
Introducing the Iceberg Thermal FuzeIce Plus 3.5G, the ultimate solution for reducing temperatures on your CPU, GPU, Xbox, and PS4. With its built-in applicator/spreader, this thermal paste ensures simple and accurate placement, making it easy to apply. Featuring a high thermal conductivity of 13 W/mK, the FuzeIce Plus 3.5G provides premium performance and heat transfer, resulting in superior clock speeds for your devices. Rest assured that this thermal paste is safe to use, as it is non-electrically conductive and protects against short circuits, giving you peace of mind during use. Compatible with a wide range of devices, the FuzeIce Plus 3.5G is designed to significantly reduce temperatures and enhance the performance of your electronics. Upgrade your cooling system and experience the difference with Iceberg's advanced thermal paste.
  • Easy Application - Built in Applicator/Spreader ensures Simple and Accurate Placement
  • Premium Performance - High Thermal Conductivity (13 W/mK) and Heat Transfer for Superior Clock Speeds
  • Safe to Use - Non Electrically Conductive formula Protects against short circuits
  • Wide Compatibility - Significantly Reduces Temperatures for CPU, GPU, Xbox, PS4/PS5 and more
  • Long Lasting - Proprietary Formula Lasts for Years without Corroding or Drying Out


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