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Iceberg Thermal IceFLOE Oasis 240mm AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

Iceberg Thermal IceFLOE Oasis 240mm AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

SKU: 850017189911

The Iceberg Thermal IceFLOE Oasis 240mm AIO CPU Liquid Cooler delivers exceptional cooling performance with its dual 120mm fans and high-efficiency radiator. Designed for enthusiasts and overclockers, this all-in-one liquid cooler ensures optimal thermal management, keeping your CPU temperatures low even under heavy loads. The sleek and stylish design, combined with easy installation and low noise levels, makes the IceFLOE Oasis 240mm a top choice for those looking to enhance their system's cooling efficiency and aesthetics.


  • Powerful Cooling – Designed to cool the hottest processors on the market, the IceFLOE Oasis utilizes an efficient yet quiet pump. With speeds of up to 3100 RPM, the Oasis’ pump creates exceptional coolant circulation for lower CPU temperatures and superior clock speeds.
  • Quiet Pressure Optimized Fans – Equipped with 2 IceGALE Lightning ARGB Gen.2 case fans. These high-performance fans were specifically designed for a balanced noise to performance profile. With a speed range of 200 – 2200 RPM and 76.74 CFM, IceGALE Lightning fans produce a maximum of 28.9 dBA while achieving 2.8 mmH2O static pressure for penetrative radiator cooling.
  • ARGB Gen. 2 – Take control of your aesthetic with ARGB Gen 2 technology. Individually controllable LED’s on both the fans and water block offer complete customization of the lighting experience for limitless lighting possibilities. Backwards compatible with ARGB Gen 1.
  • Rotatable Pump Cover – 360˚ rotatable pump cover ensures aesthetic alignment of the water block regardless of installation orientation. Easily adjust the position of the water block by spinning the pump cover in 90˚ increments – no tools necessary.
  • Elite Quality Control – Rigorous performance testing during the manufacturing process promotes proper unit functionality for a hassle-free experience. Each IceFLOE Oasis is individually tested to ensure exceptional cooling and leak-free performance, allowing us to provide an extensive 7-Year warranty.
  • Socket Compatibility - Intel: LGA 1851, 1700, 1200, 115X, 2066, 2011-0 & 2011-3 AMD: AM5, AM4, AM3(+), AM2(+), FM2(+), FM1


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