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iFixit Soldering Workstation

iFixit Soldering Workstation

  • Don't let blown capacitors or fried transistors stop your electronics! With this soldering station, you'll have everything you need to be the ultimate solder soldier.
  • Build your own speaker cables for that extra audiophilliac edge, or get hacking on a brand new robotics project. The possibilities are endless.
  • Soldering Iron - the necessary tool for putting heat where you want it
  • Lead-Free Solder - holds electrically conductive components together
  • Solder Wick Braid - removes old solder from PCBs and wires
  • Tip Cleaner Ball - clean excess solder and oxidation off your soldering iron tip
  • Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment - insulate soldered wire connections
  • Spudger - great for holding components and routing wires
  • Flush Cutter - trim wires down to the right length
  • Helping Hands - extra set of hands for holding things in place
  • Hemostat - makes a great heat sink to protect components
  • Safety Glasses - always a good idea!


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