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Thermaltake Dr. Power II

Thermaltake Dr. Power II

SKU: 841163041451
Introducing the Thermaltake Dr. Power II, the ultimate tool for quick and easy troubleshooting of your PC's power supply. This diagnostic tool supports all ATX power supply up to ATX12V 2.3 and features an oversized LCD panel that displays all voltages within 1/10th of a volt. With voltage readings for all rails including +12V/5V/+3.3V/5VSB/12V, you can easily pinpoint any power issues. The built-in output connectors diagnostic system alerts you of low voltage, high voltage, no voltage, and PG alarms, while the built-in alarm notifies you of unstable or abnormal power, providing peace of mind and ensuring the smooth operation of your computer system.
  • Supports all ATX power supply up to ATX12V 2.3
  • Oversized LCD panel shows all voltages within 1/10th volt for quick and easy troubleshooting
  • Voltage reading for all rails (+12V/5V/+3.3V/5VSB/ 12V)
  • Built in output connectors diagnostic system, low voltage, high voltage, no voltage, PG alarms
  • Built in alarm to notify user of unstable or abnormal power supply activity
  • Easy to use troubleshooting system will quickly identify if power supply is the source of instability


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