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Silver Knight PCs | Custom Built PCs | PC Repair Near Me | Fayetteville, NC

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Here at Silver Knight PCs located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, we've always believed in building our brand and reputation and over the years we've not only upgraded our equipment and expand our expertise, we've also evolved our services as the demand for professional pc services started to increase.

The Silver Knight PCs you know today is the product of the absolute love for the field, a job we thoroughly enjoy and a passion that simply keeps us busy because technology just keeps evolving, developing and gaining more and more complexity, a complexity we enjoy learning and adapting into our business model.

We started off building pcs for friends with training provided to us by the US Military, Silver Knight PCs today is your powerhouse, one-stop, PC, IT and tech shop that offers everything from custom build pcs and PC repair to professional IT support for businesses and professional web development. We are your one-stop shop and we are proud to offer all our services to you.

Computer Processor


With dedicated IT experts, no job is too complicated for us to handle

Programmer in Server Room

website development

In-house web development, web design and search engine optimization (SEO)

Working Remotely

it support SERVICES

Experts to diagnose every and all your PC issues remotely


Every PC is built with the best quality, from the tower, to the motherboard, to the graphic card(s) and cables. All of our products are built, tested, and guaranteed to go and above and beyond the value expected.

Our expert builders and quality control professionals is what makes Silver Knight PCs the best.


What makes a Silver Knight PCs system stand out from the crowd is the dedication behind to giving you the very best bang for your buck.  We built, test, tune your computer to be as close to your desired performance.

Our expert builders and quality control professionals is what makes Silver Knight PCs the best.


Unique is what we are all about and expressing you through your build is how we bring your imagination to life. We are computer builders, designers, optimizers, we truly take your ideas and vision and bring it to life.

We built the computer of your dreams or as close as we can come to bringing your vision to life.

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