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What types of web development services does Silver Knight PCs offer?



🗸 Domain Rental
🗸 Domain Purchasing
🗸 Domain Hosting
🗸 Website Hosting
🗸 Website Design 
🗸 UI/UX Design
🗸 Website Development
🗸 Website Management
🗸 Website Maintenance
🗸 Website Migration
🗸 Website Backup
🗸 Website Troubleshooting
🗸 SEO Services
🗸 Location Listing
🗸 Online Exposure Dev.
🗸 Online Representation
🗸 Social Media Dev.


🗸 Simple Sites
🗸 Landing Pages
🗸 E-Commerce Sites
🗸 Brochure Sites
🗸 Membership Sites 
🗸 Non-profit Sites
🗸 Educational Sites
🗸 Crowdfunding Sites
🗸 Advanced E-Commerce
🗸 Contact Sites
🗸 Personal Sites
🗸 Small Business Sites
🗸 Lead Building Sites
🗸 Public Outreach Sites
🗸 Booking Engine Sites


🗸 Online Stores
🗸 Law Offices
🗸 Doctors/Medical
🗸 Brick & Mortar Businesses
🗸 Fundraising 
🗸 Schools & Education
🗸 Entertainment
🗸 Ticket Sales
🗸 Sign Up 
🗸 Contact Sites
🗸 Personal Sites
🗸 Small Business Sites
🗸 Restaurants Sites
🗸 Hospitality Sites
🗸 Tour Booking Sites
🗸 Calendar Sites

What is the process of getting a website done?



Identify the type of site you would like to build.


Identify what functions you would like on your site. For example, if you would like your site to have a booking portal, payment portal, members sign up, subscription sign up, a database, a contact portal etc.


Identify a website similar to the one you would like built. Whether is is the design, the look, the functionality. You can provide us with one example or multiple examples. You can also pick and choose certain aspects of one or more websites you would like to include in your own.


Decide on a budget. Although Silver Knight PCs has a set price list for all the different types of website developments we offer, we would also like to know your budget, simply because we believe in working with or around a clients set budget if we can come to an agreement.


Decide on a domain. (A domain is the name of the website that a user would type into the search bar to find your business) If you already have a domain this will not be a problem, we can allocate your domain to the site we build for you, if you do not have a domain, tell us what domain you would like to use and we will do our best to find that specific domain or a domain as close to the required name you have in mind.


Decide whether you would like your website to have Search Engine Optimization that aids in the findability of your website. Search Engine Optimization is the process of which a web developer will use all the necessary tools to allow your website to be found organically using established processes on the website for the best results possible. SEO has an initial fee and a monthly retainer fee attached to keep the site optimized for search engines and is trackable through our reporting methods.


Decide on your content. Would you like Silver Knight PCs to find and develop content for the website or do you have content of your own that you would like seen on your website. Providing us with content is the best way of getting your website up as quick as possible but having Silver Knight PCs develop content for you is not much of a hassle either, we are happy to provide you with content, images and data to make your site look as professional as possible.


Contact Silver Knight PCs. Contact us and tell us about the website you would like to develop, what information and ideas you have for this website and discuss with us the possibilities, the expectations of this development and the ideas you have in mind to bring your ideas to life!


Decide whether or not you would like Silver Knight PCs to manage and maintain your website or if you would like to do this on your own in-house. Our management and maintenance comes with dedicated customer support and you can ask us to add, remove, edit or tweek items on the site for you with one email directed directly to our web department. This option has a monthly retainer fee that is usually about 8% of your overall website cost but allows you to never having to pay yearly renewal fees for your website.


Decide what extras you would like with your website. As a Google Business Partner we also offer emails by Google through Google Workspace that is set up for you and has a cost directly with between you and Google. We set it up and you can take it over from there of have us manage it for you. Management of emails is included in our retainer cost above. Payment for individual emails is not, that is taken care of directly with you, the business owner.


Don't know where to begin? Let our experts walk you through selecting, building and customizing your system with you!

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What has Silver Knight PCs included on its own website?


On this website, we have built certain aspects of the site to showcase some of the capabilities of our web design and development.

  • Landing on the site, directly on the home page you can see in the search bar above that  our website is SSL Certified meaning that our site is safe to browse and certified by trusted security certificates. 

  • Above the domain bar, on the web page tab you will notice we have a customized favicon of our logo accompanying our website page name and description thanks to onsite, on page organic search engine optimization. This page name and description changes for every page allowing search engines to read exactly what is on the page and indexing our page, its content, images and information for findability purposes when a prospect is looking for a company that provide services we do.

  • On the header of our home page (very top below domain bar) you will see our social media icons that links our website directly to our social media as well as our logo to the far left, our main menu with customized drop down categories built into the "Shop" and "Services" icons. You will also see a customized submenu to the right of the social media bar with drop down options as well as a membership function that allows users to sign up to our site, register and view cart for items added to cart from our e-commerce store.

  • Scrolling down you will notice an interactive stip that fades in and out options that we wanted to highlight and a button to redirect to the specific page of each highlight as well as interactive buttons below that redirects you to specific pages.

  • Scrolling further will show you another social bar that links to our Twitch, Youtube Page and Discord that allows users to check out more about us and even communicate with us directly through Discord Communication Platform

  • Below the above mentioned you will see 3 images that showcases some of our best builds that are clickable and redirectable to their respective pages telling you all about those builds.

  • Blow the showcase you will see a custom build reviews showcase of reviews posted directly on Google Maps and reflected on our website.

  • Below our Google Maps review showcase you will see a direct feed from our Instagram that allows the user to see, like, comment and even visit specific posts directly on our Instagram Business page that assists with views, clicks, likes and general exposure.

  • At the end of the page you will come across our contact portal and redirect button as well as our newsletter subscription form that captures the users data and adds it to a newsletter outreach list that is created monthly and sent to subscribers to update them about Silver Knight PCs and what we've been up to that specific month.

  • At the end of the site you will see our customized footer with custom build menu items to the center and right while seeing our Veteran Owned badge that redirects to our veteran page and our logo and social media to the very left. Below you'll see our Google Maps icon that links to our Google Business listing on Google Maps and our phone number, in the center our web development partner and in-house development department and to the far right our point of sales partner Square as well as accepted payment methods.

All of this on just our home page, imagine the possibilities with what we can build for you. To see what a custom build, data capture, data entry form looks like, click on the "BUILD" menu button to be redirected to a custom built form that has extremely impressive functionality that include:

  • Data Entry

  • Database Creation + Direct to Google Sheet submission

  • Automatic Internal Email Notification  + Data Submission in Email

  • Automatic Client Email Notification

  • Time & Date Stamp Creation on data sheet and Google Sheet

This type of custom built form is perfect for data submission from possible and prospect clients. This data form is a more complicated but very similar type of lead building, built right into our website, notifications center, and data sheets.

Take into consideration, all the above information is describing only 2 pages of our website, the "Home" page and the "Build" page, really imagine what Silver Knight PCs Web Design and Web Development Department can do for you and your business.​



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