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Customer Information

System Information

*Fill out only if sending a full system and not parts*

Parts Information

By submitting this form THE CUSTOMER agrees to the following terms:

  • The provided specifications of the computer for trade-in must be accurate to receive an appropriate quote. Any discrepancies may affect the final valuation.

  • The trade-in quote provided by Silver Knight PCS is based on the information provided and is subject to change upon inspection of the actual device.

  • THE CUSTOMER understands that the trade-in value offered is in the form of in-store credit and cannot be redeemed for cash.

  • Silver Knight PCS reserves the right to refuse any trade-in for any reason, including but not limited to physical damage, water damage, or excessive wear and tear.

  • THE CUSTOMER acknowledges that all data and personal information on the traded-in computer should be backed up and removed before trade-in. Silver Knight PCS is not responsible for any data left on the device.

  • Once the trade-in is finalized, the traded-in computer becomes the property of Silver Knight PCS and cannot be returned.

  • THE CUSTOMER agrees that once the trade-in appraisal is finalized and accepted THE CUSTOMER must pay the $100 Diagnostic Fee to get items back.

  • THE CUSTOMER must provide valid contact information to receive the trade-in quote and for further communication regarding the trade-in process.

  • THE CUSTOMER agrees to pay for return shipping in the case of declining trade in.

  • THE CUSTOMER understands that parts are subject to inventory upon arrival and Silver Knight PCS is not held liable if the parts arriving do not match the list sent in.

  • THE CUSTOMER understands that if a complete system is being sent they can just list model of computer and upon arrival the technician will inventory what is in the system.

We Will Be Contacting You Shortly

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