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MSI Agility GD70 Extended Mousepad

MSI Agility GD70 Extended Mousepad

Introducing the MSI Agility GD70 Extended Mousepad, designed for the serious gamer in mind. The silk gaming fabric surface provides an incredibly smooth user experience, allowing for precise and accurate movements during intense gaming sessions. Its extra soft and comfortable touch ensures prolonged use without discomfort. With its extensive size, this mousepad can accommodate all your gaming gear, from keyboards to mice. And with an anti-slip nature rubber base, you can be sure that this mousepad will stay in place, providing stability and reliability during intense gaming moments. Upgrade your gaming setup with the MSI Agility GD70 Extended Mousepad for the ultimate gaming experience.
  • Silk Gaming Fabric surface
  • Incredible smooth user experience
  • Extra soft and comfortable touch
  • Extensive size for gaming gears
  • Anti-slip nature rubber base


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